You Conceived in Feb 03, 2022

On this page you can find my due date is October 27, 2022 when did i conceive
03 Feb

Conceive Stats

  • Estimated Conceived between Jan 31 - Feb 06
  • Ovulation Window: Jan 31 - Feb 06
  • Pregnancy test date 20-Feb-2022

Pregnancy Information

  • Pending 4 weeks from today
  • Baby due date October 27, 2022
  • Completed 8 months at 35 weeks pregnant

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If my due date is Oct 27 2022 when did I conceive?

If your due date is Oct 27, 2022 based on the calculation you conveived estimated on Feb 03, 2022, after 14 days from your last maturity period (LMP) and 234 days before today.


How do I know how many weeks pregnant I am?

Based on your due date, you are at 35 week and 3 days, which means you have completed 8 months of pregnancy. You now have 4 weeks pending for your due dates.


How far along am I if my due date is October 27 February 23?

You are at 35 weeks of pregnancy and have completed 84.61% of your pregnancy. You will give birth to your baby on or before November 10, 2022.